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Exactly what are you sexting? Adult strategies, sexting thinking and you will habits one of Italian teenagers

Exactly what are you sexting? Adult strategies, sexting thinking and you will habits one of Italian teenagers

Sexting has recently emerged as the a community health insurance and personal thing. Today’s data had a couple of tries: a) so you’re able to preliminarily sample adolescent gender distinctions towards the adult methods out-of teenage on the web life, adult overseeing, adolescent ideas toward sexting and sexting behaviors; b) in order to individually decide to try for men and women teenagers a conceptual design where sexting routines try said because of the adult strategies and you may keeping track of, with the mediation out-of adolescent poor attitude on the sexting.


Direct and indirect links between the variables in the model were investigated. The study was carried out with 541 participants. Participants were Italian adolescents (60% males; 40% females) aged 14 to 19 years (Mage = 16,19 years, SDage = 1,31).


Overall performance suggested that lady sent a whole lot more media sexts, had a high impact out of exposure of the sexting and you will advertised high scores for adult practices of teenage on the web lifestyle and you will adult overseeing. Laws on Information, Parental Knowledge, Adolescent Revelation, and Adult Control led to end up being linked to both sexting attitudes and you will behaviors to own female and male adolescents.


Conclusions focus on the important role one to parents play during the shaping attitudes and you will routines away from one another daughters and you may sons throughout puberty.


Over the past two decades, this new modern and you can all the more quick development of communications tech keeps contributed to various changes in ways somebody, and especially teenagers, express, work together and you can connect with one another. Given that suggested by Weber and Dixon , the brand new “digital people” are more and more becoming more pervasive: adolescents and youthfulness may be the most electronically linked playing with brand new telecommunications news such smartphones and social support systems. These media allow them to feel usually in contact of the sharing different varieties of articles, particularly text messages, photos and you may movies. More over, the new development have also impacted ways kids do their intimate matchmaking, explore and you can show their sexuality .

Recently, sexting provides emerged once the a technology drawing personal health insurance and social attract. Sexting are an enthusiastic English identity consolidating the text “sex” and you can “texting” (content off text), originally dealing with texting that has sexual articles . To the give of brand new innovation, in addition to mobile devices and you may instantaneous messaging and you may cam applications (age.g. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram …), the phrase was also put on what out of post to your social support systems and you can selling and buying intimate content material, like photographs, videos otherwise pictures [16, twenty six, 41]. Thus sexting can be defined as the fresh new replace (researching, giving, delivering and you can post) of intimately direct contents (messages and you can/or pictures/photos/films off nude or semi-nude) with the electronic mass media together with Sites [16, 17, twenty six, 33].

Has just, the brand new books keeps highlighted an increasing percentage of teens who knowledge sexting. Based on one of the primary worldwide surveys accomplished towards sexting (Eurispes & Telefono [3, 4]), up to 20% away from teenagers gotten, directly sent, otherwise published sexts on line, when you’re newer degree claimed highest rates ranging from sixty and you may 80% [twenty two, 42].

Research has investigated frequency off sexting considering sex, however, results are have a tendency to inconsistent (for an assessment pick: ). Certain studies [42, sixty, 67] demonstrated highest volume regarding sexting practices certainly men teens, though some other training [nine, 67, 71] ideal one to boys found sexts more frequently than lady which aforementioned receive sext desires and post sexts more often. So you can best know this type of gender variations inconsistency, you’ll refer to the new “Postfeminist” angle (e.g. ) hence concerned about females intimate objectification regarding the latest mass media community. According to it angle, on the one hand, adolescent female are asked to produce an intimate posts (we.elizabeth., new sext) given that a form of thinking-display screen, that some instances is seen as a measure of elegance and you can a unique sort of women desirability. Although not, meanwhile, men and women women just who practice such as for example sexting practices usually are subject so you can fellow ethical condemnation and shaming. Additionally, adolescent men you may gain evaluations demonstrating otherwise sharing girls’ pictures from inside the its fellow classification .

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