For many clients, the Ryttrak team has helped create flawless user interfaces, seamless user flows that boil down to a visually and functionally pleasing user experiences. This is further communicated to the client pre-development by designing accurate wireframes and easy user friendly prototypes.

Work in the time of Covid-19

Work in the time of Covid-19

Beyond acted rapidly to practice social distancing. Before being informed to stay home by local authorities, we encouraged our team, who did not need to come into the office, to begin working from home from March.

We also created sanitizers and distributed them throughout our office space. A dedicated team cleaned all touchpoints several times a day. This way, those who did come to the office would be able to stay safe.

During that time, we organized our teams to work seamlessly from home. Before the curfew started, we made sure to distribute screens, mobile testing devices, and other tools to our team members to have a productive work environment.

Our team uses various tools to ensure that work goes smoothly and stays connected without letting physical distancing get in the way. Our departments have a daily video stand-up meeting to update one another about how work is going. We use Gsuite for our regular sync-up meetings, Flock to stay updated on projects, and Trello boards to organize production and operations. All of our team members regularly update Clockify to track work hours, productivity, and billing.

We understand that working from home is not easy. There are a lot of distractions that can get in the way of work. To tackle this issue, our team focuses on building solid communications with one another regarding planning. It allows each of our teams to self-organize and be more flexible with their work.


In a time of physical distancing, staying connected has become more critical than ever. For this reason, Beyond’s HR team and management have mainly focused on making sure that beyond just logistics/productivity, the team’s wellbeing, both emotional and mental, is also balanced. For this reason, we have set up virtual coffees and have daily chats with each team member. We feel that a holistic approach is needed as our team is our biggest asset, and our biggest goal is to keep them safe.