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KeenEye ( is a fast growing software house with clients in the logistics, the medical device field and the automotive sector. KeenEye had several challenges 1) how to attract top notch talent 2) how to create an engaging social media presence that would attract both talent and new clients.

Beyond crafted a 12 month strategy that would allow it to revamp the digital footprint of KeenEye and help it hit its objectives. Once the strategy was approved Beyond then helped create all content, run all the campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram but also other platforms such as Glassdoor, Google and Twitter. Beyond also created a new and more engaging website with multiple landing pages per specialty with appropriate calls to action.

The results speak for themselves. Since starting the campaign KeenEye has stopped using recruiters and gets all CVs naturally and from LinkedIn. 40 people have been hired. Retention of staff is high too due to the feel good atmosphere generated by the campaigns. New clients also are attracted by the engaging and professional image of KeenEye on both their website and social media.