For many clients, the Ryttrak team has helped create flawless user interfaces, seamless user flows that boil down to a visually and functionally pleasing user experiences. This is further communicated to the client pre-development by designing accurate wireframes and easy user friendly prototypes.
Hashara Ediriweera


Hashara grew up in France and came to Sri Lanka as a teenager. He is trilingual and is sitting for his Masters. He brings a different vision to the team, and for us, that diversity is essential. His role is to help defend the client's vision and needs.
Randomly bursts into hype at the weirdest times... in French!

Noorain Jaleel

Co-Founder & COO

As the head of operations, Noorain is the gel that binds the team together. Hailing from the Maldives, he works closely with the various digital departments such as Design/UI/UX, development and digital marketing and the projects managers but also the production teams, Human Capital, Sales and Finance. His laid back island vibe belies his deep understanding of client needs and helps craft the digital strategies for our partners.
His cats make sure to claim screen time at Team Meetings.

Nisha Tillas

Co-founder & CFO

Nisha is the third founding member of KeenEye & Beyond. She is responsible for planning strategic business objectives and also implementing systems and processes to monitor and report on performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators. She makes sure to always strive towards driving the growth of revenue and profit margins. Nisha’s fun personality helps to chill out the team when they work long hours to deliver the projects on time to our partners.
Loves karaoke, cooking, dancing and being fabulous!

Rashid Sadiyan

SEO & Production Specialist

Rashid works on Digital Marketing, including SEO, SEA, and implementing the strategies and content plans designed for our clients. His work ethic and willingness to learn and master new things make him a great asset to our ever expanding team.
Enjoys Hindi movies! Secretly dances to the musical scenes when no one is watching.

Shadhuna Shakir

Director – Human Capital

Laala helps establish and implement HR policies for Beyond. Hailing from the Maldives and quadri-lingual, her friendly, motherly, island vibe makes her one of the most caring people on the team. She always looks to bring out the best in everyone by treating them with trust and respect.
She’s the company mama, and takes good care of her children!

Micheal Kesara

Finance Manager

Mike is our friendly neighborhood finance manager! When he isn’t making sure the numbers add up, you can find him providing tech help to the team. Mike is a real team-player with a go-getter attitude and takes on responsibilities with confidence.
Can definitely fix your internet connectivity issues.


Digital Specialist & PO

Hari works closely with the partners and the various teams to craft and then execute digital solutions and strategies. A natural communicator, she serves as a bridge between stakeholders. Her cheerful nature, unstoppable drive, and attitude towards her role gives the team both motivation and a competitive edge to tackle most solutions, successfully.
Occasionally blesses the Digital team with music and singing - whether they want to hear it or not!

Mevan De Mel

Business Development Executive

Based in Paris, Mevan works with Steve on sales and operations . His positive and never-give-up attitude makes him a valuable asset to the team. His ability to grasp our client’s needs and communicate them effectively gives him a competitive edge. He loves long solitary walks for self reflection, doggos, long solitary walks with doggos, and stopping to pet doggos.
If you’re wondering who let the dogs out - it was probably Mevan.

Supun Illeperuma

Software Engineer

Supun comes to us from a long stint at a classic agency. He understands the business and is today our leader in PHP, WordPress, VueJS and is also well-versed in Shopify. His infectiously good humor helps keep the team happy and motivated.
Isn’t very interested in anime facts. Got spoiled anyway.

Hemal Randeniya


Hemal organizes and runs the design driver projects, handling both local and foreign clients. He is not afraid to get dirty and test the product if needed and his can-do mentality has won over the whole team.

William Lemaitre

Business Development Officer

William handles our sales in the Asian and Australian markets. His passionate, driven and positive personality makes him a treat to be around. William is usually the first to provide positive solutions to negative situations.
His home-office-setup is definitely a vibe!

Lahiru Senarath

Software Engineer

Lahiru is our WordPress and web developer. He is always around to support the team and ready to dive into any project. He loves watching action packed shows on Netflix, while he enjoys his favorite kottu from the best kottu shop in town.
Will beat you at Call of Duty.

Maria Eliza

Finance Executive

Hailing from the Philippines, Maria brings diversity and value to the team by implementing processes related to finance and logistics. She is a fun-loving, easy-going person who is always cheerful, constantly emanating a positive aura to the team.
Sings, dances and plays the guitar - when no one is watching!

Sudeshini Thenuwara

UI/UX Designer

Sue is our UI/UX wizkid. She churns screens out and collaborates well with the rest of the team, who all love to work with her due to her hard work and cheerful disposition.
We really want to see what is in that sketch book of hers!

Shamil Dilshan

Digital project manager – PO

Shamil is one of our young, ambitious and quirky Project managers in the team! His willingness to learn and grow and get the job done have earned him the respect of all the stakeholders. Shamil patiently works with the sales team and team in Paris to execute great. He also definitely loves his bike more than his job!
Gets teased by Nadira. A lot. Has to keep his comebacks to himself - or else!

Jonathan Thanendran

Software Engineer

Jonathan is a talented full-stack developer proficient in WordPress, Laravel, ReactJS, and other frontend technologies. He also brings to the table a great personality and is a super communicator. He is full of ideas and is ready to contribute. We are so happy to have someone like him on the team.
Knows a lot of random anime facts - tries not to spoil!

Shaun Zelber

Founder & CEO

Shaun is one of the founding fathers of KeenEye/Beyond Technologies. Shaun started his first company at 16 in France and went on to launch companies in more than 4 countries in the tech and digital space. A seasoned entrepreneur, Shaun has had great successes and failures and understands what it takes to bring together a strong team and deliver the goods. He believes in treating people with trust and respect in order to bring out the best in them.
Although he is the oldest he can be the biggest kid at times!

Shanika Perera

Accounts Executive

Shanika runs our accounting arm and she also handles logistics that require her Sinhala language skills. It is always upbeat to see someone grow into a role and to grow personally and that is definitely the case with Shanika.
Not the biggest fan of doggos, but is marrying a guy who has several! If that isn’t love, what is?

Rozale Coulton

UI/UX Designer

Rozale is a UI/UX expert. She has the ability to grasp complex user flows and design user experiences that are intuitive, modern and crisp. She always has a smile and is able to not only deliver the goods but help train others.
Is stuck in an alternate universe! Send help!